Gluten Free in Chattanooga

Thursday, February 18, 2021   /   by Randy Durham

Gluten Free in Chattanooga

     If you have Celiac disease, eating out is often difficult if not impossible. However, the growing awareness of gluten intolerance is pushing many restaurants and bakeries to offer gluten-free options. Chattanooga is no exception to this trend. Many of the restaurants in the area offer gluten-free options. The find me gluten-free website has rankings of the eateries that are Celiac friendly, and the restaurants below make the top of the list that gluten-sensitive diners recommend.


Tony's Pasta Shop
This restaurant has the distinction of having an impressive gluten-free menu where you can create your own pasta or build your own pizza, enjoy gluten-free bread service, and offers several special dishes. The food comes out flagged as gluten-free.  Some cross-contamination issues have been noted online, so if you have Celiac use caution.

Bantam & Biddy
According to find me a gluten-free website, this restaurant ranks high on having Celiac-friendly procedures that prevent cross-contamination, including having a dedicated gluten-free space in their kitchen, a separate fryer, and the food comes out flagged. All gluten-free items are marked on the menu. They include fried green tomatoes, chicken tenders, a variety of side dishes, and several tasty breakfast options.

Good Dog
If you like hot dogs, this restaurant has a variety of gourmet hot dogs that have a creative mix of condiments. You can also design your own fries or choose from special fries with selected toppings on the menu. They offer gluten-free buns for an extra $1.25.

1885 Grill
This restaurant offers a southern coastal-style cuisine with locations in St. Elmo and Ooltewah. Many menu items are gluten-free, and staff has been reported to be very knowledgeable on safe items. They also have gluten-free hamburger bun options.

 Urban Stack
This is a burger joint that offers a gluten-free menu that has a variety of burger options, milkshakes, sides, salads, and specialty burgers. They even have gluten-free cocktails and beers available. Online reviews have noted the staff is very knowledgeable and wary of cross-contamination issues.

Frothy Monkey
This coffee shop is located on the South Side near the Choo Choo. It has bread and pastry options that are gluten safe and offers catering and specialty cakes. They also have a large menu that offers delicious breakfast items, gluten-free bread options for sandwiches, and a kid’s menu.


This is a vegan café located on the North Shore. They have a variety of salads with gluten-free revisions and sandwiches with gluten-free bun options. They offer bulk orders of donuts, cookies, cupcakes, specialty cakes, and truffles. They also have a catering menu with gluten-free options.

Bela Lisboa:
This Portuguese restaurant on the North Shore offers a Mediterranean-style menu with several gluten-free options. They have a great selection of seafood, including octopus, snapper, and clams. The menu also offers vegetarian options as well as a kid’s menu. Online reviews note the staff is knowledgeable of options and mindful of cross-contamination.

Sushi Nabe:
If you are craving Japanese, this restaurant makes the list for being gluten friendly. They offer a wide range of sushi options, entrees, soups, ramen, and salad. Their menu items are marked if they are not gluten-free. The staff is reported to be very attentive to dietary restrictions despite not being marked as a dedicated gluten-free facility.

Home Slice Pizza:
While many pizza joints have gluten safe options, Home Slice ranks high on being Celiac friendly. Online reviews noted that the staff will take cross-contamination procedures. They offer a specialty rice-based crust and offer a vegan menu.