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August 17, 2014

I am a freshman and take AP classes because regular classes are way too easy (the ones I do take). Really, it's high school. It does the expected. There's nothing all too unique about it. The clubs don't do much but no one tells you how to join a club. The coaches are the usual coaches; favoritism all the time, tough with some humor, and a focus on health. The teachers are fun; they're harder than middle school but give you more freedom. The dress code and tardy policy though...... god. The dress code is VERY strict but not specific with everything having a place. But it doesn't look NICE; it looks more of insurance office nice. I would prefer having a "private school" look. The current school colors are enough to give you options but without there being any fun or quality look. I know that it has to deal with funding but the dress code is a bit much. The other rules are enforced harshly but no one really breaks them. There are no forced lockers; there's plenty of time in-between classes (10 min). But no one tells you where to go; there are no maps of the grounds. The system is by room number and it's rather confusing. Great school because it's high school and better than others.

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January 1, 2014

Ooltewah High School is a good school. The population is diverse and it has strong academic programs such as the IB Diploma program and AP classes. It's the same as with any other school, students will receive as much from the school as he or she is willing to put forth. This school just has many opportunities.

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November 21, 2013

I went to Ooltewah from sophomore year until I graduated. They are pretty strict on dress code. REALLY STRICT. It's quite ridiculous. Anyway, I participated in soccer,band, tennis, track, and the key club. The sports have great coaches and they work hard with you. Marching band is expensive, but if you only do concert band the price is not that bad. The band director is a great person and he cares a lot about the kids. The clubs don't actually do much around the school......except be in the yearbook picture....Regular classes are too easy :P If you actually care to learn something, take AP classes. Even if they're hard, the effort is worth it. You couldn't ask for a better German teacher. I can't speak for the Spanish teachers. The school is also strict on tardies. Only one warning, on the second one you get detention -_- And more penalties thereafter...oh joy....Choir and art are also good, even though I never participated in those myself, I could hear/see their work. Sometimes you have to directly go to your guidance counselor for a schedule change after school at the beginning of the year. Don't ask the front office ladies, they'll have a fit and tell you to come back never :)

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May 12, 2013

The band program is amazing and worth it alone...not to mention that we are becoming an IB School!

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September 18, 2012

I went to OHS in 9th grade last year. I came from a private school, and honestly it was so much better. There was surprisingly way less drama, and though there were some fights, that's expected from any school. I will say, that many students are involved in drinking and smoking etc., but if you know who those students are and stay away from them, then you'll be fine. The teachers were amazing. I had such a hard time with math in middle school, then I took algebra 1 at OHS and received an excellence award. Their advanced classes push you to be your best, and the International Baccalaureate program is a very good opportunity. I definitely would recommend this school.

April 2, 2012

There are not many parents that know of it, but, Ooltewah High School's best program is never heard of, because, the instructors and the students that are involved are "silent professionals". The program I am speaking of is the Army JROTC Department. This program provides the student skills that are necessary for life success and leadership skills. If there is a weakness in the program, I would have to say that it would be the head instructor, Major Dean. He is only interested with students who have college in their future and often "talks down" to students that are academically challenged. The other 2 Instructors seem to really care about the students both personally and professionally.

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March 16, 2011

I am a parent of a 2009 OHS graduate and also have a child who is currently a sophomore at OHS. Both are honor students. I believe this is a great school. No school is perfect. It is easy for some people to see only the negative and overlook the positive. Our kids live at school what they are taught and see at home. If they want to find trouble, they will find it or initiate it at any school. Are the halls at OHS filled with gangs? No. With perfect people? No. With regular teenagers? Yes. With students who are challenged to improve academically and personally? Yes. Are the teachers great instructors? Some are and some are not. Are they caring? Some are and some are not. Are all parents caring? Some are and some are not. Communication with our kids is crucial in any situation. If they are struggling in any area, it is our responsibility to do something that does not involve blame-shifting. I have met with a teacher or two and the principal over the years at OHS, and I've always been satisfied with the result.

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March 7, 2011

As a graduate of OHS in 2009, I feel this school prepared me for my college course work. I was academically challenged at Ooltewah, and was given many opportunities for leadership and personal growth, among other things. A great community and a great place to succeed if you put in the effort!

March 29, 2010

Not a good school. Too much gossip and lies bantering between students. Too many people (parents) know police and will start rumors on your kids to cover up what their kids are doing. I have had a lot of experience with this, especially with the baseball team. No responsibility is taken for the bad actions of some of these parents and students. I am so thankful my child is out of this place and on to better things.

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February 16, 2010

This school is terrible. I can't afford private school for my two children but i pray everyday when I drop them off at OHS. I am sure there are other good school in Hamilton County but this is not one of them. Drugs, gangs, and unsafe climate...my son is also in the band and I am very disappointed in the leadership of it. Too concerned with the image and not concerned about the kids.

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November 9, 2009

I have 3 children at Ooltewah and they make good grades. They care to much about how you dress and not enough about learning. They have to many teachers who do not care about teaching. My grade for this school is a c+.

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October 22, 2009

i think ooltewah is a good school, but the principals at Ooltewah are to strick on students. They deserve more freedom like un-shirts on dress down days. We work very hard of what we get at Ooltewah we are harding working students who are simply the best!

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September 16, 2009

Ooltewah High School has one of the best bands in the country! They are committed to excellence and they work very hard to be the best.

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September 2, 2009

My child enjoys Ooltewah High. The band program is exceptional. The children in this program are great friends to each other. The leadership is great. There are many opportunities made available to 'band ids' that are not usually available to other students. Great Program.

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July 23, 2009

Ooltewah High School is not a very good high school. We were greatly disappointed in the administration, the teachers and guidance. I can only name one guidance teacher who was great and really cared about my child. I can name only 3 teachers who seemed to care at all about my child and willing to stay after school to help with school work. My child struggled in Math and Science and only one teacher offered to help her. I also struggled with Math in school and every teacher I had in my high school was required to stay after school and help. This school is extremely crowded and only the popular and academically outstanding students are recognized. I would not recommend this high school.

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