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August 7, 2014

I think others should know that there is a lot of bullying at this school that is not dealt with by the leadership. One of my children was bullied and nothing was done - no detention, suspension or anything more severe. Even if the child fills out a bullying slip the only thing they do is talk with the one bullying. Some of the kids are rude and down right mean, not to mention being snobby and leaving others out. The so called "no tolerance policy" does not exist here! Parents are not welcome at this school and there is NO communication from the Principal down to the teachers. If you want to know what's going on, not to be rude, but good luck! Now as someone mentioned in another review, if your child is already smart they will succeed on academic level but from what I hear some of the teachers don't teach or give help, kids have to "look it up" themselves. If you've a choice, send your child elsewhere. I am seriously considering taking my last one out and homeschooling.

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October 6, 2013

We are brand new to this area. The staff at Hunter Middle have been so friendly and helpful. My daughter has really had a great experience here so far. This school could really use some extra funds due to cut backs. The money would help get the teachers adequate supplies for their classrooms. This will help with visual aide for the special needs classrooms as well.

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August 22, 2013

Hunter Middle School is going into their third week for 2013-14. My granddaughters enrolled this year and I am impressed with the results I have seen and heard from them. Their summer reading requirements were new to the girls, yet they were able to complete them within two weeks prior to the beginning of school. I rate this school as 4.5 stars based on what I've seen so far.

June 11, 2013

I graduated from Hunter Middle school this past May. I enjoyed my time greatly at Hunter. There have been students who hated their time in middle school, but I believe that it's what you make of it. If you follow the rules, do the work, and pay attention in class then students should enjoy their time. However, if students do the exact opposite then they won't enjoy it because they aren't learning. They are goofing off with their friends. The teachers were very kind to me and they give many chances to complete work and even excel. Now, the principal calls every week to inform parents about weekly events and students watch "WHMS" each day to find out about daily occurrences. I would say that Hunter could improve by delving deeper into student's school lives and try to fix any problems that a student might have although they can go and speak with their teachers or the guidance counselor if they desire. I would highly recommend Hunter Middle School for preparing me academically for High School.

April 30, 2013

My child is in 6th I hate the school! The communication between teachers and parents is non existent! They basically throw your kid into a pool and hope they can swim if not oh well! They allowed my child to have hypoglycemia instances and not even notify me that's right my child was passing out in school and no one thought I should know! The principal is worthless! Don't ask for him to come to a meeting he won't show! My child is adhd and we are trying to get a handle on the right meds but I can't with out the teachers help I have been to every parent teacher meeting and I tell all teachers email me if you see him failing well he has 3 fs no word from any teacher! If you don't throw money at the school they could give to craps about you or your kid! The bullying is also out of control principal just sweeps it under the rug! My suggestion is if you can put your child some where else run and don't look back!

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December 16, 2011

This school has had a lot of problems with bullying this year. The principal is NOT responsive to concerns about bullying. The teachers are great. Support staff are also very kind and concerned.

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May 14, 2011

I'm currently an eighth grader at HMS , I'll be promoting next week. Although I'm excited , I'm definitely going to miss my teachers , they are wonderful ! In all my three years , I've never had a teacher that I absolutely disapprove of. I must say though that the administration needs A LOT of work , I don't think they care about the students , not even honor students ,such as myself . Sports is not a big thing with them , in fact if they could I bet they'd take them all away . Aside from that, I loved my time at Hunter , the teachers and students really connect !

September 29, 2009

The principal is not the best but the teachers are great my kids love them. The dress code changes all the time my kids were sad to hear that cru-knecks are out of dress code know i personally liked the cru-knecks theres no point in not letting them werar cru-necks wats the difference between polos and cru-necks. But otherwise i highly recomended.

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September 10, 2009

Hunter Middle School is an overall great school. I am in the 7th grade and so far it's pretty good. All the teachers and staff members are nice. The teachers are'nt like strict teahcers. Their fun to talk to, someone you could ask for homework help, etc. The teachers will give you the education you deserve. You should really consider your child, granddaughter, whoever to come to Hunter Middle School.

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July 29, 2009

The kids love all their teachers so far.

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July 23, 2009

I have mixed feelings about Hunter Middle School. The middle school years are difficult years for many children/teenagers. Overall Hunter is a good school, but it could improve in some areas. It all depends on the teacher and the principal at the time as far as how good of an experience my son or daughter had.

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July 20, 2009

My Grandson goes here and I am pleased with the school.

July 19, 2009

This will be my final year at Hunter and i don't know if i should be sad or joyful. Hunter is an all around wonderful school, but several of the students and i have come to the conclusion that it has become a prison! Mr.Kuehn was an extraordinary principal as was Mr. Fairchild! Only now, we've got a new principal and assistant principal. The assistant principal is the worst disciplinarian i've layed eyes on! We joke around and call her The True Devil That Wears Prada! But the thing is that it's not a joke! She is like our new prison wardon and we're the inmates that have done nothing wrong! -An anonymous Writer.

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July 3, 2009

i love hunter middle school ive only been there a year but i sure can tell you if i could pick any school in the world id go to hunter. Yeah its that good.

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January 19, 2009

Hunter is the Middle school in Hamilton County that does it all. The education, the teachers, the parents, the Coaches are incredible, all superb. I highly recommend this school for character building in young people. My son will be leaving after this year and although he is excited about the future in High School, he loves Hunter and is sad to be leaving such a high quality group of people.

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