Soddy Daisy Middle School6

Soddy-Daisy, TN | Hamilton County


October 21, 2014

This school is awful. My daughter got hurt in a basketball game and she plays for this school and their own cheerleaders started laughing. Also my son got beat up and he kid didn't even get in trouble. My son is harassed all the time. Their are tons of bullies their as well. Inappropriate language is sometimes even used by the teachers! The sports teams are extremely dirty especially basketball. Please do not send your child hear!!!

Submitted by a parent

July 25, 2010

i am a student at sdms.i like the school ok.. but there are a few things u need 2 look over...bullying is a MAJOR concern that needs 2 be taken 2 concern & be taken under controll 4 a safer inviorment.cliques need 2 be taken into concern.because new students dont find who they really fit in with,instead they fall into the wrong crowd & it teaches them bad things!there is wayy 2 much favortism in this school. if u dont play a sport or are a teacherz pet u dont get as much as attention as the others.the teachers need 2 STOP talking on the phone,standing in the hallways chatting with other teachers,and sittin at there desks.instead they need 2 be helping students learn stuff...instead they need 2 be in the classroom helping us learn our work! thanks,concerned student

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